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Sunday, January 8, 2012

We’re shooting for the moon in 2012!

The past year has brought us much closer to where we want to be in life. We yearned for a more simple life and planned an escape from our consumerist lifestyle. I quit graduate school and we left our home in the ghetto of Akron, Ohio to move back to our home county in rural West Virginia. We bought our own 5.5 acres here and have plans of starting our own small farm. The place is great but the house is a REAL fixer upper. The house was built before running water and electricity were standard amenities, there is no functioning heat source, the tin roof leaks and needs replaced , many of the single pane windows are held in with duct tape, the foundation has failed in one corner, the basement cellar is caving in, there is extensive termite damage, and we have a snake infestation. But we see potential and think we can make it work. Most people think we’re crazy but we have a vision of a simple, debt-free life where we grow our own food and feed our family hormone and pesticide free food.   We want to raise our children with their hands in the soil  and an understanding of where their food comes from. With those goals in mind here are our resolutions and goals for 2012:
Bring a 100 year old farmhouse back to livable condition
Build an addition to the house with a bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room complete with running water!
Complete the move into the renovated farmhouse
Start a vermiculture bin (We currently use the standard heap method of composting.)
Grow more of our own food
Get involved with our county 4-H program
Build a greenhouse from old windows and sliding glass doors
Learn to can our own salsa and spaghetti sauce
Implement a more efficient recycling system (This involves creating an outdoor recycling center with separate compartments that I can transport in the car instead of using random bins and buckets.)
Build a cordwood chicken coop
Plant 8 more fruit trees or bushes(hopefully at least 2 blueberry, 2 apple, and 2 plum trees)
Incubate our first clutch of eggs (unless the hens go broody on us)
Fence in the pastures
Build a shelter for the goats
Expand the rainwater storage system
Install our first beehive
Plant a raised herb spiral using natural material
Take a permaculture design course
Purchase 2 bred Nubian Does
Raise two pigs to butcher
Increase my Etsy sales and the repertoire of items for sale in my etsy shop
Let less go to waste
Consume less
Keep a positive outlook
Try out Blogging!

So there you have it. A hodge-podge of projects that are geared towards helping us live a more sustainable lifestyle. If you want to see our failures and accomplishments play out in real time just stay tuned!

Peace and Love,

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