It's Anarchy on the Farm

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Busy Days and Big Decisions

          Oh my, life has been so busy lately! All winter we've been planning out new projects; cooped up waiting for good weather to come. The project list has grown and grown so now we're prioritizing all of our various projects and finding that some are moving to the next summer list. Last week we bought a 30 feet camper. This will make it easier to spend weekends working at the homestead. We can keep food cold, heat it up, recharge drills and such, and give the kids a place to get out of the sun and and nap. Hopefully it will make it easier to spend entire weekends working there.

Our "Summer Home"

          My husband's cousin bought it and didn't need it anymore so we jumped on the opportunity. He got an awesome deal on it and passed it along to us for the same price. I'm so thankful for the awesome community of friends and family we have here. It's amazing how much easier life is when you have love and encouragement surrounding you! He even delivered it to the homestead for us since we don't have a gooseneck hitch.

The Camper Making its Journey Up the Long Windy Road
          The chickens have been busy laying! And I've been incubating a few when I have extras. We absolutely LOVE incubating eggs! The kids love to candle them and see the baby chicks developing inside. And as the hatch date nears you can actually hear the little babies cheeping from inside their egg! When the first one hatched my husband kept telling the kids that we had hatched a dinosaur. He almost had them going. They do look so awkward when they first come out and they haven't dried and fluffed yet! So far, only two have hatched out and we're waiting on the last nine. I'm not confident in  my candling abilities, so I left all of the eggs in the incubator. Around day ten I estimated that about 8 out of the 11 were developing. I could still hear cheeping in the incubator after I took out the 2 that had already hatched, so I'm hoping more break out tonight.

Everybody Loves Hatch Day, Especially Roxy!
This Little Guy was Helping his Buddy Break Out

          This winter was mild to say the least, but it's ending with fury. Record breaking storms have came through our area and brought tornadoes to surrounding states. Tornadoes are unusual here and they usually don't go far after they touch down due to our mountainous terrain. We were very lucky that everything missed us but we did have a lot of water and high winds. We spent a day trying to assess the damage on the hill and clean up. 

Winter is Going Out with Crazy Weather!
          In assessing the damage to the house we have been faced with some very hard decisions. We have found that the house has more rot and termite damage than we had originally thought. Also, a trip down to the basement/cellar has revealed more damage. What was a small crack just last spring has now become a major break/gap in the wall. After being in the same place for 100 years, part of the wall seems to have shifted. I guess it's better that it did it now instead of next year after we finished remodeling it. We are considering all of our options right now but things aren't looking good for the old house. If we do have to start from scratch we'll need to dismantle the house piece by piece to salvage what we can for a new place. It seems like that task alone would take all summer. We spent all of our savings buying the place last year knowing that the house was not livable as it stood. Remodeling it seemed feasible if we could do the work ourselves and find salvaged building materials, but we just don't have the money to build a new home. If it was just Mike and I, we could move into the camper and save money until we could afford something, but it just isn't feasible with the kids. We are very thankful for the place we rent down the road right now. Mike's cousin rents it to us cheaper than we could live anywhere else. Without her offer to rent it to us we would probably still be living in Akron. Yikes! I can't even imagine how unhappy we would be on our tiny city lot in the ghetto there. But this place isn't our home and we just want to be on our homestead. I have moved 29 times in my life, which averages to more than once year in my lifetime. My daughter, only 6 years old, has moved 4 times and my son, only 5, has moved 3 times. They were both born while I was in college and then we picked up and moved for graduate school. I was doing what I thought would benefit us in the long run, but our priorities have changed and I am ready to put down my roots and stay in one place the rest of my days. I want the kids to have a place that they recall as their childhood home instead of always moving around feeling like they don't really belong anywhere like I always did. But for now, we will continue to rent the place we are at do a lot of thinking about how we can make our dream of living on our homestead a reality.
The Beautiful View from our Front Yard 


  1. You have been busy. I hope you are able to figure out what to do with the house. I hate to see it come down, but if it's not safe, I totally understand. Good luck with everything!

  2. Why thank you! It's a big decision for sure and one that is hard to make. If it does have to come down we will at least reuse most of it :)