It's Anarchy on the Farm

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scenes from the Farm

      Yesterday we brought in two more trailer loads of tires. I've learned that if the property owners warn you that you'll need 4 wheel drive it's not a good sign! We drove 45 minutes to the middle of nowhere to a small illegal tire dump but I didn't think we'd even be able to make it up the rocky pass. But Mike has awesome driving skills and we made it up without losing the trailer. We hauled out about 65 tires. There are about 300 more sitting there but today's rain means that we won't be able to access them for another week or so. On a positive note, we found a shortcut that will take about 20 minutes off of the trip next time. The people recently inherited the property and are trying to clean it up. If they tried to dispose of them anywhere else they would be looking at a $1000 fee for disposal, so they were glad that we came after them. One of the best things about building an Earthship is that we help clean up the beautiful country side where all of the tires are illegally dumped and hopefully keep more from being dumped.
Cleaning up an Illegal Tire Dump and Gathering Building Materials at the Same Time!
     Today, we've worked all day on the farm and I worked on sorting all of the tires we have thus far while Mike tried to catch up on the mowing. A spring broke on the brand new mower so I had a little bit of help with the tire tossing. We even took a load to the building site to start the layout but then it poured the rain down so we cut our losses and came home to rest up and rejuvenate. I spent a little time outside with the animals and wanted to post a few critter pictures. They're all little camera hogs.

Remember the snakeskin I found? Maybe it belonged to this guy. 
I caught him sunbathing in the gravel just down the road. 
 Here's our new puppy Rowdy! He was a stray hanging out at a friend's house and he needed a farm to call home. So I brought home what I thought was a little beagle puppy. But in the last 2 weeks his legs have grown twice as long and I think he may be some sort of hunting hound dog. 
We love him just the same though!
And the little ducklings we bought before Easter are now big ducks that 
love to splash around in the mud puddles! 
The Mallard Ducks are growing fast as well. 
 The guineas are just as annoying as the day we bought them. They run around the yard all day screaming "Chi Chi Chi" and "Ba-Chi Ba-Chi Ba-Chi." 
The male makes the one syllable Chi sound and the female makes the two syllable Ba-Chi sound.
 Muffy the Easter Egger is just as curious and sweet as ever. I love her cheek muffs! The last batch of chicks had Barred Rocks with cheek muffs that may have been hers.
Here is a little 5 week old Barred Rock chick. They are one of the 
friendliest breeds of chickens that we have here on the farm. 
Here are two of the 9 week old Barred Rocks, one 9 week old Easter Egger/Barred Rock mix, and one 12 week old Banty hen. She's the little one to the right in the picture.
 Another 9 week old Barred Rock hen sitting pretty for her picture.
 And Chicken Noodle sitting on her first nest. That's her "don't mess with a broody hen" face!

Hopefully we'll be able to get the first course laid out tomorrow and I can post a picture of the layout!

Until Next Time,

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  1. you have some wonderful farm pets!

  2. I'm really curious to see what you'll make from all the tires. Thanks for linking up with Rural Thursday!

    1. We're building an Earthship with them! It's a type of sustainable home built from old tires. I'll be sure to link up again with some pictures of our progress :)

  3. Wow that is a lot of tires. I know how hard it is to clean up a farm that you have bought.
    I love you assortment of animals OK maybe not the snake. B

    1. Thanks Buttons! I'm not a fan of snakes either but he lived there first, so we'll let him hang around :)

  4. Fun shots. I like all the animals!

  5. Great scenes from your farm. I think Rowdy's adorable!

  6. We have a Rowdy as well... but he is a two year old boxer and more fun than you can shake a stick at. That's a whole lot of tires by the way. :-)

    1. My husband had the name picked out before I even brought him in the house, but he was right about him! Dogs named Rowdy are destined be a ball of energy :)

  7. Sounds like an interesting project, Jenny. With all the money you are saving your neighbors, too bad they would help get the tires to your place (I'm always thinking of ways to get out of manual labor!)

    Love your animals -- your puppy is so cute. :)